Model 400 Stereo Multiplexer™ - The Model 400 combines signals from two video cameras into one output. Each video input is DC clamped. PAL & NTSC compatible. Ultra miniature, rugged construction. Battery powered, or optionally powered by an external supply. Wide voltage range power input.


DB15 Pinout:

  1. Power +12v for camera 1
  2. Power +12v for camera 2
  3. Video gnd
  4. Video gnd
  5. Video gnd
  6. Sync out to Right camera
  7. External sync in
  8. +V Batt input (pos)
  9. Power Gnd for cameras
  10. Input from Left camera
  11. Input from Right camera
  12. Video Output
  13. Options *
  14. Sync out to Left camera
  15. -V Batt input (neg)

The case is connected to pin 9 (Power Gnd for cameras)

* Pin 13 can be factory configured for one of three options:

1. Gnd (output): an additional video Gnd for cameras (default factory configuration)

2. Mode: Forces the Mode Switch (input) Open (no signal) = 3D

3. Power Saver (input)