Orange/Blue SpaceSpex glasses for viewing these images

1. Make sure there are NO fingerprints on the glasses!
2. Reduce room lights and eliminate all glare on the monitor.
3. Put on SpaceSpex or ColorCode glasses and adjust brightness and
contrast for optimal image depth and color.

3DTV Corporation is proud to introduce a revolutionary step in anaglyphic stereo viewing, the SpaceSpex system. Using this patented new system, it is now possible to view anaglyphic stereo video and still images in full color using inexpensive glasses. SpaceSpex uses yellow/blue encoding to avoid the problems associated with red/blue anaglyphs.

Here is a small sample of images to peruse with your SpaceSpex. Click on the thumbnails below to view the full size pictures. In order to get the best stereo effect we recommend that you set your display to at least 24 bit color, but 16 bit color is also acceptable.

Lucia, Queen of BahiaJames Butterfield and his 3D video microscopeBeeBalinese Dancer

The next two thumbnails link to MPEG-1 clips. To view them you need a plugin that will play .mpg files in at least 15 bit color. They are quite short, so you will have to set "auto repeat" or "loop" when you play them. These clips work best at original size (320x240), but also work at double original size. Running at full screen, or at in-between sizes, the colors of individual pixels are mixed, which weakens or destroys the stereo effect.

Party Scene, 1.5 secondsThe color in the master of the party scene from Outlaw Territory (215k) was not great, but the stereo effect is quite strong, even after MPEG encoding. Note the depth as people shift around in the background, just to the right of the column in the center.

Dance Clip, 3 secondsThe Russian dance clip (416k) shows subtle depth in the foreground, with better color.

If your machine is Java enabled, you may try out our Java applet as an alternative to the MPEG clips. This robust little program by L. Petrova,, is set up to loop back and forth through ten stills (about 400k) from Outlaw Territory.

If you have yellow/blue anaglyphs that you have created and would like posted on the 3DTV Website, send them as an attachment to an email to: and in the subject line of the email put " Attention WEBMASTER". We will evaluate the quality of the stereo before the image is uploaded to the website.

How to create anaglyph stereo images.

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